Director’s Apprenticeship Program

Applications are now closed for BLDAP 2022.

All applicants should have already received and update about their status.

The Director's Apprenticeship Program serves as a hands-on introduction to STEM fields for students near the start of their STEM journey

Berkeley Lab Director’s Apprenticeship Program (BLDAP)

What is BLDAP?

The Berkeley Lab Director’s Apprenticeship Program (BLDAP) is a project-based high school STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) program designed to help participants develop 21st century skills, learn about Berkeley Lab’s research activities, receive college and career guidance, and develop a STEM network in a real-life work environment. BLDAP seeks to remove systemic barriers, such as a lack of access to professional networks and work-based opportunities, by providing strong connections to the scientific community at Berkeley Lab.

Who Should Apply

This program will prioritize public school students in grades 10-11 in the Bay area, particularly Alameda, San Francisco, and West Contra Costa counties, and seek to reflect the racial demographics of the residential population. However, those in surrounding counties are encouraged to apply.

Students from underrepresented groups in STEM (including students who are Black, Indigenous, Latinx, LGBTQ+, from low income households, and first-generation college attendees) are highly encouraged to apply!

The Program

Participants will engage in hands-on projects, an engaging computer science short course, and weekly discussions with STEM professionals. Projects will focus on building 21st century research skills such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration while building a vibrant STEM network.

Participants who successfully complete the apprenticeship summer will have the opportunity to participate in additional short courses, workshops, and special seminars at Berkeley Lab throughout the following fall and spring. Students in good standing prior to the next summer will receive an invitation to participate in a traditional laboratory internship. An on-site internship is dependent upon public health policies.

The 2022 apprenticeship program will take place over 5.5 weeks from Wednesday, June 22 - Friday, July 29, 2022. It is expected to be in-person.


Student applications are now closed.

Teacher/mentor recommendations are due April 10. Click here to submit a recommendation.

Program objectives

  • Build STEM confidence and Identity

  • Cultivate interest in STEM activities and careers

  • Increase exposure to STEM professionals, skillsets, and career paths


This program is sponsored by Berkeley Lab Director Mike Witherell and Deputy Director for Research Carol Burns.

BLDAP in Action

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