BLDAP Volunteering

Berkeley Lab Volunteers

Help support the 2021 Apprenticeship Program! We are looking for volunteers to fill roles in program logistics, Python instruction/class support, guest speaking, and independent project development.

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Information session slides

Information session recording

Volunteer roles:

  • Program Support and Logistics

  • Independent Projects - Arduino and bioscience based

  • Introduction to Python and Data Science - course design, office hours, troubleshooting support

  • Guest Speakers

A Special Thanks to our 2020 Volunteers

Berkeley Lab staff dedicated hours to the development, design, and implementation of the first Berkeley Lab Director's Apprenticeship Program for High School Students. Employees took part in orientation, dropped off supplies, developed curriculum, hosted offices hour and shared their STEM career stories. A special thank you to Deborah Andrews (not pictured) who supported logistical matters concerning on-boarding students and our lead instructor and program coordinator, Ajayi Anwansedo.

Program Logistics and Support

Kathy Shield

(Physical Sciences)Graduate Student Researcher

Joselyn Delgado

(Laboratory Directorate)Community Relations Administrator

Rosa Rodriguez-Flores

(Operations)Principal Resource Analyst

Diane Dickel

(Biosciences)Research Scientist, Department Head

Not picture: Sophie Morley (Energy Sciences) Research Scientist

Introduction to Python Course

Brandon Mannion

(Biosciences)Graduate Student Researcher

Ligia Diana Pinto de Almeida Amorim

(Physical Sciences)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Srinidhi Bheesette

(Physical Sciences)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Luis Rangel DaCosta

(Energy Sciences) Graduate Research Assistant

Fianna O'Brien

(Computing Sciences)Computer Systems Engineer

Aleksandr (Sasha) Zibrov

(Physical Sciences)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Laurie Stephey

(Computing Sciences)Data Analytics Engineer

Daniel Murnane

(Computing Sciences)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ludovico Bianchi

(Computing Sciences) Computer Systems Engineer

Hannah Ross

(Computing Sciences) Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Gianna Marschmann

(Earth & Environmental Sci) Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Scott Young

(Energy Technologies)Program Manger/ Project Leader

Not Pictured: Dossay Oryspayev (Computing Sciences) Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Data Science Seminars

Ryan Kingsbury

(Energy Technologies)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Barbara Bomfim Fernandes

(Earth & Environmental Sci)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Alex Ganose

(Energy Technologies)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jose Sierra

(Biosciences)Desktop Systems Specialist II

Sharon Greenblum

(Biosciences)Computational Biology Research Scientist

Oxana Andruic

(Energy Sciences)Graduate Student

Independent Projects

Rohan Dhall

(Physical Sciences)Senior Scientific Engineer Associate

Lauren Jabusch

(Biosciences)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Michael Sohn

(Energy Technologies)Staff Scientist

David Lorenzetti

(Energy Technologies)Software Developer

Shankar Earni

(Energy Technologies)Program Manager

Anand Prakash

(Energy Technologies)Senior Scientific Engineering Associate

Sarah Smith

(Energy Technologies)Senior Scientific Engineering Associate

Peter Andeer

(Biosciences)Biologist Project Scientist

Guest Speakers

Brooke Russell

(Physical Sciences)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Cesar Gonzales

(Physical Sciences)Graduate Student Researcher

Chelsea Preble

(Energy Technologies)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Kamsey Agu

(Energy Technologies)Former SULI Intern

Madeleine Leibovitch

(Physical Sciences)Post-Baccalaureate Researcher

Brian Friesen

(Computing Sciences)Application Performance Specialist

Javier A. Ceja-Navarro

(Biosciences)Research Scientist

Jonelle Basso

(Biosciences)Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Esther Singer

(Biosciences)Research Scientist