High School STEM Days

High School STEM Days are opportunities for local public high schools* to visit Berkeley Lab. Students have the opportunity to tour facilities, take part in workshops and meet Berkeley Lab employees. The Lab provides transportation and lunch during the day. 


Facilities at Berkeley Lab support the research of scientists across the world. During STEM Day visits, students have an opportunity to see these spaces up close through tours with staff members. 

Exploring STEM Areas 

Our STEM Areas (Energy Technology, Bioscience, Energy, Physical, Computing, and Earth and Environmental Sciences) and Operations Teams give small group tours and support job shadowing activities throughout the day. Each STEM Day focuses on one or two areas and user facilities. 

Job Shadowing

During visits, students are separated into smaller groups where they have the chance to interact directly with staff from the research and operations areas of Berkeley Lab. 

Career Panels 

When time permits, we often hold career panels to share perspectives of STEM and STEM-adjacent personnel. Students have the opportunity to hear about various career pathways at the Lab. 

Workshops and Networking 

All STEM days include an opportunity to learn about Department of Energy programs from high school through career. Spring workshops focus on applications for Berkeley Lab, DOE-funded high school programs: Quantum Computing, Mathematics and Physics Camp (QCaMP), and Interdisciplinary Pathways to Machine Learning and Data Science (IPMLDS). Sessions also include an introduction to undergraduate internships

Team Science 

STEM Days are in partnership with our employee resource groups (ERGs), scientific, and operations areas. They contribute their time to hosting, speaking on panels, job shadowing, supporting workshops, and much more. These Lab-wide efforts are an example of our commitment to stewardship in science. 

Are you a Berkeley Lab employee interested in participating in STEM Days? Fill out this form. 

Are you an educator at a public school in the East Bay? Fill out this form to share your interest. 

Funding for this program is provided by the Department of Energy's Office of Science Reaching a New Energy Sciences Workforce (RENEW) initiative (see details at https://science.osti.gov/initiatives/RENEW). 

*At this time, STEM Days are by invitation only as we focus on public schools within 15 miles of Berkeley Lab.