Berkeley Lab Summer 2022

High School Presentations


The Berkeley Lab Government and Community Relations, K-12 STEM Education & Outreach team is very excited to welcome everyone to the 2022 Berkeley Lab High School end of summer presentations! This website includes an overview of the Experiences in Research and Berkeley Lab Director's Apprenticeship Programs, as well as the schedule and links to presentation slides and posters.

Image of Berkeley Lab K-12 STEM programs logo. The image includes a tree-like design with the tree top designed form smaller scientific icons. The tree trunk is created using circuits. The phrase "cultivating the next generation" is printed below the image.

Program Agendas

Experiences in Research - Zoom Link

9:00 AM Welcome and Program Overview

9:15 AM Remarks from Deputy Director for Operations Michael Brandt

9:30 AM Student Presentations

10:50 AM Certificate Presentation and Closing

Berkeley Lab Directors Apprenticeship Program - Zoom Link

1:30 PM Welcome and Program Overview

1:45 PM Student Poster Presentations (via Gathertown)*

2:30PM Keynote from Berkeley Lab Director Mike Witherell

2:40 PM Certificate Presentation and Closing

*The opening and closing for BLDAP will be held via zoom.

Program Overview

The 70+ students presenting on Friday, July 29, 2022 will represent cohorts from the Berkeley Lab Director's Apprenticeship Program (BLDAP) and the Experiences in Research (EinR) Programs.

BLDAP is six-week training program that introduces students to a STEM network, python coding, and data science. Students are invited to join post-summer workshops to build on skills and dive deeper into additional STEM areas throughout the year. Many participants may choose to join us for a second summer in the Experiences in Research Program. Funding for BLDAP is provided by Director Mike Witherell and Deputy Director for Research Carol Burns.

EinR is a six-week internship program that matches high school students with a Berkeley Lab mentor. Students spend their summer working on a project organized under one of four areas: Administration/Communications, Coding Dependent, Data Science, and Experimentation and Data Collection. The program is expected to provide students with an interdisciplinary and independent research experience. Funding for EinR is provided by Director Mike Witherell, Deputy Director for Research Carol Burns, the Berkeley Lab Foundation, and the Alameda County Office of Education.