Building 91 

12:30 PM Poster Presentations (Building 91, Third Floor) 

Building 50 and Zoom 

2:00 PM  Welcome and Program Overview 

2:20 Remarks from  Berkeley Lab Director Mike Witherell 

2:30 PM Keynote Remarks 

2:40 PM Student Recognition 

Closing Session  Zoom Link

Sample questions for presenters: With any of the tools you learned during the program, how can you apply those tools to answer a research question / solve a problem you are interested in? How is coding/data science connected to a topic of interest you have in STEM? What is a new STEM career you found out about during the program? Has your participation in the program increased your preference for a particular STEM major or STEM career? What was a highlight of this program? What will you miss the most about being at Berkeley Lab everyday? What are the connections you will sustain after the program?

QCaMP Cohort of 2023

Congratulations QCaMP 2023!