High School Programs

Our high school programs are geared towards college and career preparation. We offer lab visits, summer camps, student internships, and more. Sign up for our student newsletter to be included in program announcements taking place over the next year.

2006 Nobel Prize Winner George Smoot and 2011 Nobel Prize Winner Saul Perlmutter are seeking students for the fifteenth annual summer workshop for high school students and teachers presented by the Physics Division of the Lawrence Berkeley Lab and QuarkNet. The interactive sessions will meet weekly from June 28 through July 23.

The application to participate is now open!

Experiences in Research are summer internships for students to gain hands-on experience with professionals at Berkeley Lab. Students will be working directly on cutting edge projects alongside experts in STEM. Projects will be focused around different aspects of STEM such as administration, communications, experimental research, and more.

Applications are now closed.

The Introductory College Level Experience in Microbiology (iCLEM) is an five-week paid summer science intensive hosted by the Joint BioEnergy Institute. The program seeks to broaden students’ understanding of biotechnology and microbiology through a research project, as well as expose students to career exploration and preparation for college.

Applications are now closed.

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Join us for themed career talks every other Thursday of the month to learn about the wide diversity of STEM professions. Each session, we will be joined by Berkeley Lab staff, Bay Area professionals, and other guest experts to talk about their careers and how they got there.

Spring Career Talks have ended. Summer talks will be held Fridays at 10am in July.

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This Fall, Berkeley Lab staff are volunteering to virtually share their experiences and work in STEM with classrooms. We invite students and teachers to meet researchers, ask questions, and get an inside look at STEM professions.