Education & Outreach Programs

We offer a number of programs designed specifically for different stages of STEM education. 

An illustration of the K-12 programs logo alongside the age-based learning continuum, which says "grade K-5: Excite, grade 6-8: Explore, Grade 9-12: Experience"

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Programs by Group

Two kids blowing bubbles

Get excited about STEM through hands-on activities and games

Two middle school kids using beakers

(Grade 6-8)

Explore different STEM fields and start building up your research skills

two high school kids in lab coats looking at a poster

(Grade 9-12)

Experience working with us and prepare for higher education in STEM

A woman wearing safety goggles holding up a steaming balloon in front of a class

(All Grades)

Access resources and programs for teaching STEM both in and out of the classroom 

Join us for themed career talks to learn about the wide diversity of STEM professions. Each session, we will be joined by Berkeley Lab staff, Bay Area professionals, and other guest experts to talk about their careers and how they got there. 

This series is recorded and open to the public. 

A man holds up an intricate square device encased in clear plastic

We are telling the stories of Berkeley Lab's research and initiatives using StoryMaps: a web-based platform for sharing multimedia narratives with photos, videos, writing, and illustrations. 

Each project will include the finished StoryMap, a recorded walkthrough and Q&A with scientists involved, and materials for learning more about the subject. New installations will come out every few months. 

Graphic for a past Live Science event

Live Science explores the ways that science shows up in our everyday lives. Join us as we highlight the activities and hobbies of Berkeley Lab staff, and show how they relate to innovative research being done at the lab! 

This series is aimed at grades 6-12, but is open to all. Episodes are recorded for later viewing

Graphic for a past After School Science hour showing a prism splitting light and a magnifying glass

After School Science Hour connects young students with the diversity of STEM subjects and the people who study them

Each of these virtual sessions includes a short lesson on a scientific subject, a conversation with experts who study it, and a fun hands-on project to follow along at home. 

This series is aimed at grades k-5, but is open to all. Episodes are recorded for later viewing 

Berkeley Lab staff visit and/or virtually share their experiences in STEM with classrooms. We invite students and teachers to meet researchers, learn about careers, ask questions, and get an inside look at STEM professions. 

Learn more and book a visit

two kids point at text on a laptop screen

Check out our running list of opportunities, activities, and platforms for learning and engaging in STEM. The majority of these programs are free or offer a stipend, and there are resources available for students of all ages and interests. 


Experiences at Berkeley Lab

Experiences including visiting the Lab, touring facilities, taking part in STEM activities are postponed until further notice, check out Let's Talk About STEM for a virtual alternative. 

Community Outreach

Do you have a program at your school in need of scientists and engineers? Is there a STEM/STEAM Night coming up? Berkeley Lab would like to be a part of your efforts! Submit a request so that we can help put you in contact with a speaker or facilitate an activity.