STEM Career Talks

The Summer 2022 career talk lineup will be announced soon!

Please check back in late May for more details.

These themed career talks allow anyone to learn about the wide diversity of STEM professions by hearing from experts in those fields. In each session we are joined by Berkeley Lab staff, Bay Area professionals, and other guest experts to talk about their careers and how they got there.

Conversations are open to the public and recorded for later viewing. Check out past events below, and join our student or educator newsletters to be the first to hear about more career talks in 2022.

Summer 2021 Schedule

Making the Most of Your Experience

(Recording now available) Internships can be a gateway to a long and fruitful career in STEM. Hear from workforce development experts and current scientists on how to make connections and great impressions that can lead to future opportunities. This session will focus on opportunities at Department of Energy national laboratories.

The Future of Food and Farming

(Recording now available) Technological innovations in agriculture and environmental science are crucial in combating climate change. Learn how scientists and chefs and changing the way we think about food.

Data Science is Everywhere

(Recording now available) Data Science has become the new category in research science. Our speakers will share how they use data science in their fields and what you need to know as a young researcher.

New Materials on the Frontier

(Recording now available) As we work towards a more sustainable future, new materials are being developed to reduce waste production, increase energy efficiency and expand technological advancement. Find out about some of the new materials being developed at Berkeley Lab.

Spring 2021 Schedule

Mentor-Mentee Relationships - Feb 25

(Recording now available) Professional mentors are essential to success in STEM. What are some tools students and professionals use to build meaningful relationships? Learn more from this panel of mentors and their mentees.

The Future of Food - Mar 11

(Recording now available) What does the future of food look like? How can we improve nutritional value, drought resistance, or accessibility? We will be discussing all kinds of innovation and research in food.

Entrepreneurship & Tech - Mar 25

(Recording now available) How do we share science solutions with the world? Hear how entrepreneurial researchers start businesses and bring inventions to the market.

Link to USPTO patent resources for students

Renewable Energy - Apr 8

(Recording now available) Technological innovations in energy can help us combat climate change. Learn about the renewable energy research currently being conducted.

More coming soon

Fall 2020 Schedule

Visualizing STEM - Oct 23

(Recording now available) Science and fine arts might seem like polar opposite professions, but these panelists are here to prove you wrong. Learn how artistic skills can be used to complement research work.

Cybersecurity and Privacy - Nov 6

(Recording now available) Ever wonder what goes on behind the screens? Cybersecurity experts work on a wide variety of data privacy issues for scientists, institutions, consumers, and more.

Exploring the World for Research - Nov 20

(Recording now available) Looking to travel for work? Researchers often travel for two reasons: to collaborate with other institutions or to collect data from field sites. Tune in to see how researchers in diverse subjects spend time outside of their labs.

Keeping up with Quantum - Dec 4

(Recording now available) Quantum science is often used in pop culture as a stand-in for super complicated science, but it's more approachable than you think! Learn about how the scientists and engineers are driving technological advancements in the science of the future.

Bringing Science Solutions to the World - Dec 18

(Recording now available) Scientists and engineers put a lot of thought into creating the technology and tools that people use every day. Hear how creativity and technical expertise work hand-in-hand to produce science solutions for problems around the world.