Elementary School Programs

Our K-5 programs aim to Excite young students about the world of STEM and introduce them to the breadth of subjects and careers it encompasses.

We offer monthly virtual programs like After School Science Hour, in addition to supporting local STEM/STEAM nights and connecting Berkeley Lab staff to classrooms through Let's Talk About STEM

All Elementary School Programs

Berkeley Lab staff are volunteering to virtually share their experiences and work in STEM with classrooms. We invite students and teachers to meet researchers, ask questions, and get an inside look at STEM professions.

Bookings are now open for spring 2022. Visit the page to learn more and submit a request.


Do you have a program at your school in need of scientists and engineers? Is there a STEM/STEAM Night coming up? Berkeley Lab would like to be a part of your efforts! Submit a request so that we can help put you in contact with a speaker or facilitate an activity.

Check out our running list of opportunities, activities, and platforms for learning and engaging in STEM. The majority of these programs are free or offer a stipend, and there are resources available for students of all ages and interests.

Advertising After School science hour. This month, the world of Infinite Recycling. Learn how Berkeley Lab Scientists are improving recycling and helping the environment + learn how plastic works on a molecular scale

3:00 to 3:45pm, every 3rd Wednesday of the month

Join Berkeley Lab scientists for after school science hour! Hear about some of the exciting research happening at Berkeley Lab and directly ask scientists questions. Each month will feature a different theme and a fun and engaging hands-on STEM activity that can easily be done at home.

Visit the After School Science Hour page to register for our next event and view past recordings

(This program is geared for an elementary school audience. Live Science offers a more in-depth exploration into Berkeley Lab research topics for middle and high school students.)