SAGE Volunteers

Berkeley Lab Volunteers

We are looking for Berkeley Lab staff an affiliate support to help run our summer camp. SAGE camp 2022 volunteer Info Sessions will take place starting December 2021

Contact Elina Rios if you have any questions

Support Descriptions and Chairs

Planning Committee Chairs

  • Romy Chakraborty - EESA Ecology Department Head

  • Faith Dukes - K-12 Programs Director

  • Elina Rios - SAGE Program Coordinator

Logistics Support

  • Outreach support, sorting files, help create pivot tables, create Zoom calls, tech support, put together and possibly deliver project kits. Please contact Elina Rios for more information.

Short Project Facilitator

  • Each morning, the students will participate in small group projects. These projects introduce a fundamental concept and allow students to work together to solve a problem. The Short Project Facilitator will support students through different projects, give direction and help troubleshoot. The 3 projects involve circuits/coding, alternative energy, and microscopy. The students will present on some aspect of these projects at the end of the week. We will need 10-15 Facilitators per day. Please check out the info session materials for more details.

Job Shadow Speaker

  • During the week, students will spend 30 minutes with Berkeley Lab employees learning about their position and career trajectories. This includes a tour of their work space, and showing what's including in their day-to-day work life. Each volunteer will have about 8-10 students with them. We will need approximately 30 volunteers. Please check out the info session materials for more details.

SAGE Guide

  • SAGE Guides are the main point of contact for a group of 8-10 students. Each day, (Sunday - Thursday) students will learn skills necessary to enter and stay in STEM fields, as well as practice using tools that help develop confidence and effective communication. SAGE Guides will lead these Professional Growth sessions as well as a 15 minute check in activity each morning. There will be 5 lessons. We will need 16-20 SAGE Guides. Please check out the info session materials for more details.


Please check back for updated links to info sessions and updated volunteer positions.