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Berkeley Lab Volunteers

During summer 2024, Berkeley Lab will be hosting high school students from the Bay Area to participate in virtual and hybrid, six-week, project-based internships. We are looking for mentors across Berkeley Lab working in both STEM and STEM-adjacent capacities. All offices and laboratories are welcome to participate! 

Projects may include administrative, coding, experimental research, communications, and/or other responsibilities. The K-12 team will work with perspective mentors to develop projects and prepare for working with students. Mentors should be prepared to support a minimum of two (2) students per project. We encourage mentorship teams! 

Students are expected to work around 30 hours per week. Mentors will be asked to have a minimum of two (2) check-ins per week and include students in weekly laboratory/team meetings and hosted lectures.  

On Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings, interns will also be required to attend professional development workshops and research/career talks facilitated by the K-12 team. 

Approximately fifteen (15) hours per week should include independent work. 

Mentoring commitments and timeline

Mentorship Info session and workshop