EinR Application

Application Process

This program is for current juniors and seniors enrolled in Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways from Alameda and West Contra Costa Counties with some experience in independent work.

Project descriptions

Students must be connected to ONE of the programs AND/OR reside in the cities and counties listed below to participate. Applications are now closed. We will be contacting students for next steps by the end of April.

If you have applied for the EinR program, you can begin to ask teachers to submit recommendations through a google form. Recommendations are due April 28, 2021.

Students in the following counties and/or working with the following programs are eligible:

Alameda (except Oakland see below) County Students

Biotech Partner Participants - Contact, Jennifer Hugenberger

Oakland Students/Residents - Contact Mr. Gilbert Pete , ECCO Program

San Francisco Students/Residents - Contact, Maybelle Miranda

West Contra Costa Students/Residents -Josette Neal-De-Stanton or Ariel Kirshenbaum

Application Instructions

  1. Please contact your respective youthworks or career pathways office to express interest in this program. They will be your employer of record and let you know if you should move forward with the application process. Eligible offices and organizations are listed above.

  2. Review project descriptions and choose THREE (3) that you are most interested in working on.

  3. Complete the application. The application has three sections.

    • Contact Information

    • School and Project Choice

    • Short Answers - You may want to write these answers in a separate document before beginning the application. Please be prepared to answer the following:

      • In 500 characters or less, please let us know why you chose your top two projects and how they are the best fit for you?

      • In 500 characters or less, let us know why participating in an internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is important to you?

      • During your internship, you are expected to complete an independent project. Can you share an experience in employment, another internship, extracurricular activities, or a school project that demonstrates your ability to independently complete a long-term project or activity?

    • You will also be asked to enter the name and email address of a teacher that would be willing to give you a recommendation.