The Next 90

Charitable Giving

In 2021, Berkeley Lab’s 90th year, we’re celebrating past achievements and imagining tomorrow’s solutions. As we focus on the next 90 years, Berkeley Lab will reaffirm its commitment to outreach, education, and diversity by supporting non-profit STEM organizations that help prepare young scholars to become our next leaders and problem solvers.

This initiative seeks to

Build & Strengthen...

Berkeley Lab’s connections with the local community


K-12 students and encourage them to pursue STEM education and professions


awareness of internships and educational programs at Berkeley Lab, as well as potential careers


opportunities for Berkeley Lab staff to take part in grooming our next generation of scientists

Non-profit STEM Organizations

Berkeley Lab is providing institutional donations to each of these organizations, and we encourage individuals to participate in the charitable giving initiative as well by contributing personal donations and/or volunteering.

Founder and Executive Director, Adamaka Ajaelo, established Self e-STEM to provide STEM literacy, leadership, and technical training for young women in untapped communities. Self-eSTEM’s vision is to create a sustainable supply of underrepresented minority women leaders that will thrive in the STEM workforce through a summer camp, weekend STEM club, after-school Robotics program, and more.