EinR Volunteers

Berkeley Lab Volunteers

This Summer, we will be hosting several high school students from the East Bay Area to participate in virtual, six-week, project-based internships. We are looking for volunteer mentors from across Berkeley Lab working in both STEM and STEM-adjacent capacities. Projects may include administrative, coding, experimental, communications, or other responsibilities. The K-12 team will work with you to develop these projects and prepare for working with students. Mentors should be prepared to support 2 or 3 students per project.

Mentoring commitments and timeline

  • Now: Develop project plan

  • Spring 2021: Complete Working with Minors training

  • Spring 2021: Finalize project

  • Early Summer 2021: Attending mentor info session

  • Summer 2021: Mentor students

  • Late Summer 2021: Attend students' final presentation

Mentorship Info session and workshop